5 Anti Inflammatory Herbs that Are More Potent Than Other Foods to Do the Job

What do you know about inflammation? Well, inflammation is a normal process of humans’ body. After all, it happens when the white blood cells protect the body from both viruses and bacteria. However, you need to know that inflammation could be harmful if it does get out of hand. So, in order to keep it in control, you can consider including anti inflammatory herbs in your cooking. They are healthy solution for the problem here. After all, all of them come from the nature to begin with.


We are sure that you would find this herb being recommended everywhere when it comes to dealing with inflammation. Why wouldn’t it be? This particular herb actually contains anti-inflammatory molecules. They are carnosol and carnosic. Besides having distinct aroma and flavor, sage can protect our body from neurological conditions. It can improve your concentration and memory too, making it just perfect to try.


Ever since the ancient time, chamomile leaves have always been known to be one of the best suggestions for calming inflammation. However, the leaves are not the only thing you need from this herb plant. The oils coming from the flowers contain chamazulene cyclic sesquiterpenes and a-bisabolol components. These components are known to have the ability to have inflammation reduced. Its oxides are antispasmodic too. Chamomile is not just one simple plant with good smell.


Pay attention to Basil as well. It is especially good to deal with digestive system. That is why it works very effective in easing nausea, gas, and stomach cramps. Of course, it is also one of the herbs to reduce inflammation. There is one component that is responsible for it and it would be none other than Eugenol. Basically, it works just like Tylenol and Ibuprofen. The Eugenol is there to prevent the very enzyme that causes the inflammation. Dealing with it from the core is what solves the problem.


This herb makes good consideration too. Sure, it is not as popular as the ones we have talked about so far. However, its effectiveness to deal with inflammation is just the same. Why wouldn’t it be? Boswellia has the ability to control the production of 5-LOX enzyme after all. By controlling it, it is possible to have the inflammation reduced. You need to know that this enzyme can give you harmful effects and diseases if produced in excess.

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This one of anti inflammatory herbs has just as unfamiliar name as Boswellia. It is pretty much well-known in India though. The oil you get from this plant works great to calm the skin inflammation. Joint and muscle pain would be healed by its application for sure. The flowers and the shoots can even be eaten as vegetable, while the leaves can be used as spice in your cooking. Even if it is consumed like this, the herb will still contribute health benefits to your body to fight inflammation.

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