5 Anti Inflammatory Spices and How They Can Benefit You for Your Health

Inflammation is nothing new to health issue. Most or even all people in this world must have problem with it in all sorts of ways there are. However, human body has this natural ability to fight against it. If you can improve it more, you will surely be able to reclaim your health. To do so, you might find the need to look for anti inflammatory supplements. Here are 5 anti inflammatory spices that are known to be effective while still easy to be found around us. Let’s see what they are here.


Inside the golden-colored root turmeric, there is the so-called miracle compound called curcumin. This compound has been studied many times and the result always shows just how potent its anti-inflammatory abilities are. You need to know that curcumin can benefit you for dealing with the arthritis or osteoarthritis. It will be 10x more effective to eat with black pepper or health fat source. Being 10 times more potent is no joke. So, you should give it consideration and have it consumed.


Ginger is pretty common spice in the kitchen, indeed. However, it is important for you to know that this spice is packed with health benefits. It certainly has the ability to fight inflammation. Why? It is because there are 2 vital compounds in it; gingerol and zingerone. Both compounds are what you need to reduce colitis, kidney damage, diabetes, cancer, etc. It is more effective to eat its raw root.


Don’t take cinnamon lightly either. It is delicious spice without doubt. However, it also has quite potent compounds to deal with inflammatory as well. After all, there are many phytonutrients in it. You will be able to find many antioxidants and flavanols in it. Its cinnamaldehyde has the ability to restrain certain proteins that cause inflammation. It even prevents the blood from clumping as well.


Rosemary has similar flavors with sage. However, it is just about the flavors only. It is healthy herb we are talking about here. It acts as natural preservative and stabilizer. It has two important compounds too called apigenin and diosmin. These two compounds are particularly what can prevent the production of prostaglandins which are known to be the cause of inflammation reaction. Now, this is exactly what you need to deal with the problem, right? So, do give it a try yourself then.

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Green Tea

We are sure that it is not something unfamiliar to have heard green tea regarded as one with many health benefits. You need to know that even green tea is also one of anti inflammatory spices as well. Drinking it at least 2 cups per day could relieve the symptoms of inflammation. Not to mention, it has been recently found that this spice could specifically reduce inflammation on those suffering from arthritis. Now, if it can help you deal with that, it is definitely worth proving it yourself, isn’t it?

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