Anti Inflammatory Spices from What the Nature Has to Provide to Nourish Our Body

Many people think that good health comes from the love for their own self. After all, you would care to think the right thought and eat the right food if you care for your own self. Speaking about healthy food, there is nothing better than what comes from the nature itself. It has everything we need to nourish our body after all. We just need to find what’s right for what’s purpose. Let us tell you some anti inflammatory spices then.


To begin with, all spices do come from the nature. The so-called Allspice is actually one that is made from small fruits grown in hot countries. Made into powder, it is as spice in cooking. As the name suggests too, this spice is great for just any recipe. It is flavorful of course, but it is high in antioxidant as well. In it, there are over 24 healing compounds that could even help dealing with high blood pressure. You need to consider using this.


The next spice is worth to take into account too. This spice actually comes from a plant known for having yellowish brown seeds. The seeds are what is used as a spice and you can find it mostly used in South Asian cooking. Because of its healthy contents, fenugreek is capable of dealing with all sorts of things, like weight loss, bad mood, imbalance blood sugar, cataracts, kidney stone, gallstone, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as well.


How about Nutmeg? Well, this spice comes from hard fruit of tropical tree actually. It is then made into brown powder and used as spice to add flavor to your food. Nutmeg actually has the ability to mainly protect your skin from wrinkles. The breakdown of elastin and UV rays are the cause of those wrinkles after all. If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, this spice could help too. It can also prevent diarrhea’s viral cause as well.


As for Saffron, this spice comes from the dark yellow substance of a flower. It is used to give flavor to the food indeed, but can be used to give color to it as well. Just like Nutmeg, Saffron is beneficial for its ability to help mood issues. However, this is not the only thing it can do. This spice can also help with insomnia, blood pressure, menstrual cramps, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, memory issues, and even erectile dysfunction too.

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The last of the anti inflammatory spices we can recommend here is Coriander. This is pretty common spice we find in the kitchen, isn’t it? Coriander comes from the leaves and seeds of particular plant. They are usually added to the food to give it special flavor. Speaking about its health benefit, this spice could actually help with digestion, bloating, cholesterol level, blood pressure, skin issue, and vagina infection. There’re many of them here.

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