Low Carbs in Dark Chocolate and the 5 Products to Choose for Your Own Health

Chocolate has its own variety. However, they are not all the same. To be exact, you can only expect its health benefits from dark chocolate variant. Why, of course, it is because this variant is the only one that has large amount of cacao. Cacao contains polyphenols in it that can fight against the oxidative stress as well as disease in the body. Low carbs in dark chocolate will prevent us from getting cancer, diabetes, dementia, and such. Here are the 5 products that can be good for the pick.

Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme

The rule is the more the cacao is contained within, the better it is for the health. Let us tell you then that the first product we have here is one with 90% cacao in it. Since it is smaller in sugar too, you can say that this is the ideal choco bar. It might have somewhat powdery texture, but the taste is not that bad. There are vanilla beans in its ingredient too, making bitterness bearable for the consumers.

Endangered Species Natural Dark Chocolate

The amount of cacao is 88% in it. However, it is not like it is any worse than the first product above. It might not be an organic type, but this is one nice choco bar indeed. Why wouldn’t it be? It has rich, earthy chocolate taste. You get a hint of its vanilla too. Eating it in moderation would improve your health for sure. So, if you can’t find any other, there is nothing wrong about choosing this product.

Chocolove Extreme Dark Chocolate

Having the same amount of cacao in it, this product is not a bad idea either. It might contain high amount of cacao, but you can believe us that this product can be as sweet as choco bar with 85% cacao. You don’t have to worry about the sugar content since it is nothing higher. You will taste the intense choco and a bit of coffee flavors will follow. Just like the second product, it is non organic.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate Eclipse

There is as much as 87% cacao in this product. Well, it might not be as good as the choices we have above, but it is not that bad if you ask us. You might find it a bit too dry upon your first time eating it. However, you might not be able to ignore the fact that this product is quite enjoyable with its flavorful and intense taste. It will not be the one that will disappoint you. So, do consider this choco.

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Alter Eco Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate

Remembering that low carbs in dark chocolate can benefit for our health, it is only right for you to look for alternative if you can’t find any of those choco products above. This product could make good consideration. It contains 85% cacao, yet it tastes great, rich, and varied. Sure, it is bitter, but it is not unbearable. You will like the different flavor notes of this product for sure. Give it a try then.

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