What to Do for Shortness of Breath: 5 Effective Solutions to Deal with the Problem

Surely, you have ever experienced of getting short breath in your life, right? Even from doing sudden physical activity alone could make us already out of breath. Well, yes, there are minor causes of short breath. However, you should know that the source can also be more severe than you think. If your short breath won’t stop even after about 30 minutes of rest, consider looking for solutions of what to do for shortness of breath then.

Try Doing the Deep Belly Breath

First of all, we would like to suggest you taking deep belly breath. To do so, you start by placing your hand on your belly. Then, through the nose, you need to breathe in deeply and steadily. Make sure to exhale longer than you did with inhalation. Do this over and over again for about 2 minutes. It is the easiest way to slow down your sympathetic nervous system, then calm and distress your body.

Inhale Steam from the Hot Water

Sometimes, mucous buildup due to viral or bacterial illness can be the source of short breath issue. To deal with the cause, the best solution to it would be steam inhalation. To do so, get a bowl of hot water. Then, mix it with a few drops of peppermint oil. Cover your head with towel, bring your face above the bowl, and inhale the steam for about 2 minutes. It could help break the nasal congestion.

Do Yoga Practice in Regular Basis

You know that you need relaxation to deal with short breath. Since that is the case, practicing yoga also becomes part of the solutions to this health problem. For that, yoga is suggested to be done 1 hour twice per week for the first 4 weeks. For the next 4 weeks, yoga should be done every 2 weeks. For the last 4 weeks, you can simply practice at home. This practice will then improve lung function.

Drink Ginger Tea As Your Healer

Practice alone sometimes is not enough to deal with health issues. We need the help of good supply of healthy nutrition to offer faster recovery. To make it, add 2 tbsp of chopped ginger to 2 cups of boiling water in a pot. Shimmer it for up to 10 minutes. Let it to steep then strain it into a mug. You can mix honey to add the taste. Drinking it will help you cough up mucous. So, do give it a try then.

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Contact Doctor for Further Help

These solutions of what to do for shortness of breath might or might not heal you. After all, it depends on the severity of the issue you are suffering from. If these solutions could not improve your health at all, it makes the sign to call your doctor. We highly recommend you to do it, especially if you experience bloody mucous or neck pain along with it. Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor then.

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